Friday, November 25, 2011


I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! I'm excited to announce that after a long hiatus, I have come out with new men's tees! Instead of producing them first and selling (i.e. push manufacturing), I've decided to create a Kickstarter project wherein I present the tees and ask people to order them (i.e. pull manufacturing). If enough people order and I reach my goal amount, then I will produce the tees.  If not, I will not produce the tees.

Below is the video, outlining the project:

Here is the link to the actual project:

I have designed three tees, and two of my friends each designed a tee.  Here they are:
sacred heart tee, silver + gold on a grey tee
A firefly whose tail glows in the dark:

Glow in the dark Abraham Lincoln:

A lioness tee:

And a medals tee:

Please check it out!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I was looking around the other day for a quick and dirty way to change my digital photos to look like Polaroids, and I discovered Poladroid!

It's a free application, available for both Mac and Windows platforms.  You download it, open it up, and then drag and drop a photo onto it.  It makes a sound like a Polaroid camera, and then you wait for a couple minutes while it "develops" the photo, like a real Polaroid.  Then when it's done it makes this happy noise.

Apparently even Justin Timberlake is a fan:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Music at Coney Island

Early in October, my friends and I went to Coney Island to shoot a music video for my song, "Drive," which you can listen to and download here. My friend Erica, who shot this video for me, and makes these cool live performance videos of indie musicians, came and shot it on her Canon 7D.

While we were shooting on the boardwalk, a nice man named Bruce came and took photos of me and Shawn, which are what you see below.

This is Shawn.  He and I played a couple of shows a couple of years ago, and he is back in New York from Australia, and we're playing another show this Saturday at 11PM at Sidewalk Cafe.  You can see the details here.  You can check his music out here.

The video is forthcoming, but neither Erica nor I have had a chance to sit down and edit it yet.  I am hoping to get to it by the new year.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Graey x STYLYT

Graey x STYLYT kicks off on Wednesday! Sign up at if you haven't gotten your invite yet! This is your chance to design your own Graey piece!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Introducing STYLYT

This summer, my friend Joon introduced me to Nina and Jenny, his friends from Wharton, who were working on a new fashion website called STYLYT.  STYLYT lets users customize the designs of featured designers.  Currently, the featured designer on their site is Althea Harper, who was a finalist on Project Runway a few seasons ago.  

I'm happy to announce that Graey will be the next brand featured, and our contest will launch in a few days.  The site is currently in its Beta version, but you can sign up for an invite by visiting the site here.

Here are some screenshots to show how it works.  First, you choose the item you'd like to customize.

Then you customize each section by pointing to it, and then selecting a swatch on the left side.

People can then vote on their favorites, and then I believe the designer helps pick the winner. 

I'm interested to see what sort of things people come up with -- so sign up!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sarah Burton (Alexander McQueen Creative Director) chats with Cathy Horyn about Spring 2012

Really cool video with detail shots of the beautiful garments and accessories, and Horyn's and Burton's insight on how young people view the industry today.

Diving for McQueen on

The summary from

Diving for McQueen
Fashion Critic Cathy Horyn Enters the Folds of Sarah Burton's Spring 2012 McQueen Collection
The New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn meets Alexander McQueen Creative Director Sarah Burton at the label’s Paris atelier to explore the house’s intricate, marine-inspired Spring/Summer 2012 collection in Dustin Lynn’s stunning portrait film. Displaying a love and knowledge of fashion far beyond the catwalk, Horyn’s notorious studio visits define her style as a journalist, producing lyrical portraits of designers truly dedicated to the rigor of cutting and creating clothes. Before becoming head of the fashion house, Burton worked as McQueen’s right hand for 14 years. “With Sarah, it has a lot to do with the training she has had at McQueen, and just knowing what the McQueen studio had been like under Lee,” says Horyn of Burton’s qualification for the job. “It was always a place where it was about the technique and craft.” After the turmoil following McQueen's tragic suicide last year, the provocative label has returned stronger than ever with sumptuously beautiful collections, the record-breaking Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute attracting over 650,000 visitors, and Burton designing the Duchess of Cambridge’s much-lauded gown for the royal wedding.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ferri Roberts Day Off

My friend Graham, besides being a skilled and talented graphics editor for the New York Times, is an extremely talented musician.  He's currently in a band called Murder Mystery, and we became friends through music.  Well, music and Science Olympiad, but that's a whole other story.

In addition to playing piano (he would play Chopin at the end of Orchestra class in middle school), and guitar (which he plays in Murder Mystery), he also played cello.  So we were in Dorchestra (dorkestra, get it??) together, and a string quartet.  At the end of high school we were also in a band together, and in college, he formed a band which went through a few iterations -- Spoontangle (which had a certain special word in the middle), The Classifieds, and then finally, The Glorious Ninth.  I was their #1 fan and was pretty sad when they broke up.

Anyway, he recently started a music project with his very talented girlfriend, Jessica, and their first recording is a cover of Johnny Cash's "Long Black Veil."  Check it!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today I visited the gallery where my friend Nicole works.  It's called Galerie Zurcher and is located on Bleecker Street next to the Zero Maria Cornejo store.  The show is officially over but was still up - work by a young artist, Matt Bollinger.  There were some drawings but what was really fantastic were these painted collages.  Here is one of them: 

It's hard to tell but what the artist did was paint pieces of paper, cut them up, and glue them to form this image.  So any time you see a shift in color, it's a different piece of painted paper, cut up.  The lines separating the lockers aren't painted, they're strips of painted paper, glued on.  It's really amazing to see close up -- the three dimensionality is striking, and you can't help but be impressed by how much time it must have taken to create the piece.  This piece was sold, and Nicole said it could have sold 7 times over.  Not bad for a painting that cost several thousand dollars.

Here are a couple of others -- these pieces made me nostalgic for my childhood.  The controller in this one was dead on.

As was the logo on this Trapper Keeper painting: 

It's not often I find contemporary paintings that are inspiring, but this was definitely one time.  You can view more of his work on his website.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spring 2012 Roundup - C

There were a lot of C designers.  This roundup might take me longer than I expected.

I thought this was a cool neckline detail.
Cushnie et Ochs
I liked the mixing of prints and lace.

Clements Ribeiro
Scottish design prodigy Christopher Kane is one of my faves.
Christopher Kane
This is a cool skirt, especially if you have a nice ass.

Christian Dior
I've become a fan of Christian Cota.  I love the colors and delicacy of this print.
Christian Cota
Nice colorblocking.
Chanel isn't my favorite, but it's always pretty.
Phoebe Philo is pretty rad.
Cute top.
Camilla and Marc