I am a designer, artist, and musician who lives in New York City.  Art and music were always a part of my life growing up, and while at Harvard College, where I graduated with BA in Visual and Environmental Studies, I continued in these pursuits.  College was also where I became more active in fashion, and in the summers I interned at Marc Jacobs in New York and Christian Dior in Paris.  After college, I worked at Proenza Schouler before returning to Paris to study at the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale.  I was offered a job as an assistant designer at Rochas under Olivier Theyskens which fell through when the house closed, so I returned to New York.  Soon after, I launched my own contemporary line, called Graey.

I started this blog to document my career in fashion as a resource for others interested in pursuing fashion, as I get requests from time to time from people wanting to know how to get into the industry.  The blog has also become a repository for other random things on my mind.

I still occasionally get e-mails asking for more information on how to get an internship or the Chambre Syndicale.  Unfortunately, I am not able to offer more help than what is already on my blog.

I do custom clothing work, as well as web design.  You can contact me about both by clicking here.

You can find out more about me by visiting these links:

www.janetleekim.com my main site - has art and web design samples
www.graeyny.com the site of my line
MySpace my music
GraeyNY Youtube channel Graey videos as well as my music videos