Friday, May 20, 2011

Gossip Girl Season Finale

The main reason I watch Gossip Girl has always been for the clothes -- the girls always look spectacular.  This week's season finale was no exception.  I adored the gown Blair wore -- I'm trying to figure out which designer it is -- my guess is Marchesa but I have no clue.

The dress Serena was wearing was pretty fantastic as well.  According to Gossip Girl Fashion, it's by Jenny Packham.

The photo doesn't do it justice.  It looks amazing in the show.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yikes time for an update

Wow, can't believe I haven't updated in a month!  I just (hopefully) put two websites to bed, so I'm taking a little break before I head to bed myself.

Let's see.  Here are some updates:

- Stylist Martha Violante got in touch with me a couple of weeks ago to use a couple of my
Spring 2011 pieces for a NYLON mag shoot (for the June/July issue), on emerging rap artist rye rye.  She shot the pieces in the photo from my previous post -- the coral lace rashguard crop top, and the spacer bra.  I'm pretty excited to see the images; it'll be my second time getting my work into NYLON.

- I took a short vacation to Miami to visit friends, but really, visit the beach.  It was my first time to Miami and it was really great.  I definitely want to go back.  The beach was beautiful, the water was the perfect temperature, and it's only a couple hours away from New York by plane!  I convinced my friend's friend to give me an undercut while I was there, which looks like this:
The beauty of the haircut is that if I part my hair in the center, you can't tell that I have an undercut.  It's a ninja haircut.

- As soon as I returned from Miami, I had my semi-final audition for Project Runway.  Sadly, I didn't make it to finalist round this time, but I'd like to think that it means there are bigger things in store for me.  The vibe was slightly different this time, and more importantly, no Tim Gunn at the audition!  Just a Marie Claire editor and contestants from seasons past. 

- I uploaded a couple more of my songs on YouTube:

- Last Wednesday, I signed up for painting classes at the Art Students League.  I've been wanting to get back into painting, specifically learning to paint people from life.  The class I've signed up for only goes for 2 more weeks but if I like it, I'll sign up for classes for the summer as well.  I'm pretty psyched about it.  Painting naked people!
- My friend has been teaching me a little guitar.  I can play basic chords and what not but my goal is to be able to play with a little more finesse, as well as play face-melting guitar solos.  To that end, I bought myself a new practice amp.  It looks like this:

(The smaller one. Come on people, I don't want to get arrested for noise pollution).

- I've been writing some new music, including experimenting with writing melodies for someone else's lyrics.  It's been turning out to be fun, since I have a much easier time coming up with melodies than lyrics.

- I've been slowly (it's taking forever) updating the shopping cart for Graey, using Magento.  Hoping to update the rest of the site as well, and reorganize it.

That's it for now, I'm spent!