Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bridesmaid dress

About a year and a half ago, I "made" my friend Rachel's wedding dress.  Her best friend got married recently, so after helping her search for the right bridesmaid dress unsuccessfully, I offered to make it for her.  She wanted a simple black dress that was made out of a knit fabric, and that she could wear again after the wedding.  She told me the bride wanted something like this dress: 

We set off for Mood, where she purchased black bamboo stretch fabric.  I used some old fabric to make the muslin which we fit in the middle of her birthday celebration at Dave & Busters, and then went ahead and cut the actual garment.  I was glad I had her buy 4 yards of fabric because the skirt was quite wide.

The dress is very simple, with a higher front neckline, and a bit of a scoop in the back neck.  There are two layers of the circle skirt, which is why it took so much fabric.

On the mannequin:

Rachel and Ryan at the wedding in Kentucky!

Rachel's been wearing the dress to castings and says she has been getting lots of compliments!  Which I guess goes to show that sometimes people don't want edgy fashion, they just want clothes that make them look good.