Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My family loves me!

I've been living in my apartment in the East Village for a little over a year now, and one of my problems with the apartment is that my furniture is too big for it. I was sharing a three-bedroom apartment previously, and while that apartment wasn't huge, it was still considerably larger than my current apartment. One problem is the dining table I brought, which you can see pictured below. It's about half the width of the "kitchen" area of my apartment, which means that I have problems opening the fridge door (which is to your left) and getting to the stove (which is to your right).

My parents were over the other day and I complained about this to them, and within days, my dad had built me a new table top. Now although there is less room on the table itself, there is more room in the "kitchen." Yay!

My brother just returned from his mission trip to Japan, and brought me back some presents. One is this cute little dog pencil case, which I'm using to hold some of my sewing supplies. Sure, it only cost $1, but you have to understand -- this is my brother. The one who doesn't give me birthday presents unless I explicitly ask for them (and tell him exactly what I want).

He also got me these socks, which are fun.

And lest you think my mom is left out of this Janet lovefest, well, don't worry. She is constantly telling me to go shopping and buy nice things for myself (because she thinks my lack of nice things is the reason I don't have a husband). I constantly have to tell her I don't have time to go shopping!

She also makes me tons of food and sends it back to the city with me whenever I visit Westchester, to the point where I often have to refuse it because I can only eat so much food in a certain amount of time before it goes bad.

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