Sunday, August 29, 2010

Katrin's wedding

Katrin's wedding was a few weeks ago. They had the wedding outdoors on the water, down the road from her home in Northern Westchester. Katrin's mom Karen spent weeks cleaning up the field by the lake to get it ready for the wedding.

I had agreed to come a little early (I was invited as a guest) to put the tulle in her hair as we had done for the shoot instead of a traditional veil. However, when I arrived about an hour before the wedding was to start, Katrin's mom was somewhat frantic. She and the rest of the family had been madly cooking for the past several days for the wedding, and there was still food prep to be done. She charged me and one of her old friends with creating the floral garlands that would serve as headpieces for the flower girls, as well as the bouquets that Katrin and her maid of honor, her sister Yona, would carry.

I had never made either garland or bouquet before, but I was not one to shrink away from a creating challenge. My co-conspirator, Karen's friend (whose name escapes me at the moment), did not feel so confident, so I took charge and directed her and the two flower girls in assisting me.



That's what we came up with, which I think looks pretty good given the time constraint and our lack of experience.

Then it was onto Katrin's headwear. Unlike for the photo shoot, I decided to give her a long veil that would have a train, using the peach and gold tulle. Katrin is carrying one of the bouquets I created, which we wrapped in tulle as well.


Here is Yona, carrying the other. I guess if all else fails I can go into the floral arrangement business.


A view of the water.

Katrin walking over with her dad. There were a couple of times where her veil got stuck on rocks but ultimately she was able to walk down the aisle in one piece.


With Jon.


It was my first time at a Greek wedding, but apparently it's tradition to put connected crowns on the bride's and groom's heads.


Closeup of the bouquet.

Katrin's violin teacher (talking to her dad) served as the officiant. I think she said her top was Comme des Garcons and I forget what the rest of it was, but she looked quite fabulous.

Maid of honor, groom, bride. After pictures I cut her veil so that it was more manageable.

Karen got her neighbors to help out in transforming the park area. They put up a tent and decorated everything themselves. It was really quite amazing and beautiful.



The newlyweds' table.

They strung cloth napkins on a clothesline with each of our initial on the tags, as party favors.


Another view of the napkin line.

Guests walking toward the tent from the ceremony area.


With Karen and her mother.

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Lindy said...

I love the color of the veil and overlay on the skirt. It has such a different feel than most veils I see. Amazing dress.